Stuck on joining multiple surfaces and polysurfaces

I am relatively new to rhino but I have used other designing softwares. I want to 3D print a horse and at first I thought I was starting off really well, and I’m not done yet but I want to join the legs to the body. Then I can work on the head by itself.

I attached the file but Boolean only cuts the legs out of the body of the horse. I would rather not have to start the whole thing again but I’m thinking there might have been a better way to do this. I build the legs and body out of a pipe and then adjusted accordingly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

3D_project.3dm (1.4 MB)

This sounds like a Rhino question, but it’s placed in the Grasshopper category. Is that correct?

Nice job so far!

Booleans work most logically if all the objects involved are closed solids. In this case the legs are open. If you use Trim instead of BooleanUnion and select both the body surface and legs as cutting objects, you can trim them against each other. This will be easiest to do in Ghosted mode and be sure to aim for the isocurves or edges to help when selecting what to trim on each. Then use Join to combine them into one polysurface.

If you leave the open ends planar when control point editing, you can use the Cap command to close it up instantly… then BooleanUnion would work as you intended.

Thank you so much! That helps a ton and I appreciate it!