Stubborn polysurface that doesn't want to be trimmed

Today I am stuck with this polysurface (see file attached) that doesnt want to get trimmed!

Anyone knows what am I doing wrong on this file?
I am so close to the end of this front shuttle modelling but I can’t understand why I am not able to carry on with such an easy command.

I take any advice on this!


Shuttle_almostdone.3dm (458.7 KB)

Moved to Rhino for Windows category without Hardware sub-category because this is not a computer hardware problem.

Hello - the object has very high edge tolerances (What command) If you Explode and then RebuildEdges and then Join again you will see the edges along the centerline are way off -


You’ll need to fix that (Explode again, MatchSrf for tangency, with Average set) then Join it all up again.


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It WORKED! :smiley:

thanks a lot Pascal