Struggling with Dpi scaling


As soon as I move the python editor from my main monitor (150% dpi scaled) to my second one (100% dpi scaled), Rhino (modeler still on main) pops context menu smaller and offset from my mouse position. 100% scaling seems to be applied all over in Rhino (only).
Bringing python editor back to my main monitor restores everything to normal.

Apparently, grasshopper behaves the same way as the python editor.

Unfortunalety I can’t supply a screen capture of the glitch, the context menu doesn’t stay visible.


Rhino does not handle multiple monitors using different resolutions and/or different dpi scaling well.
If both monitors are running the same resolution and scaling it works fine.
This is one of the projects on the V8 to-do list. I don’t know if it will get done or not.

It seems each time I raise an interface issue, it is postponed or irrelevant.
I hope someday McNeel will consider UI interface an important part of the user experience / user productivity.

It is no more an hobbyist software.


It’s a question of priorities.
We can’t fix everything immediately so we try to prioritize our resources so we help the most people with each fix or change.
You’re not being singled out or ignored, you’re just in a relatively smaller number of people with the problem.

Thank you for your diligent response.


Note: I’ll discuss with my ophthalmologist to solve my dpi issue :wink:

I’m getting older and solved this issue by running two 27" monitors at the same standard resolution and scaling several years ago.
It’s one of the better changes I’ve made in my personal setup.