Structure to create different stories in Grasshopper

Hello everybody,
with your kind support i was able to create two grids with columns in Grasshopper while keeping the hight of the columns on the ground floor parametric. Now i would like to add a ceiling and different storeys on top. The idea is to create a model where i can vary the hights of the ground floors and the upper floors as well as the number of the upper floors. Additionally the dimensions of the upper floors should be changeable so the model could be used to explore different terrace ideas fast. Im not looking for an complete solution here but for an idea ho to structure that set of tasks in an reasonable way in grasshopper.

Any idea an hint would be very much appreciated

Kind regards and thanks in advance


You should post your code!! And link to the original thread, or perhaps not even start a new one.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Heres the link to the oroginal thread with the first problem that occured.

Thats my Grasshopper Script so far.
rasshopper (141.0 KB)

Im sorry for the confusion and hope my problem is understandable.

Thanks in advance and best regards


The best way “to create different stories” in the two buildings is to keep them separate in your data tree structure, as I said in the other thread. (155.5 KB)

P.S. Not that it makes any difference but the code to avoid duplicate grid points (columns) can be moved inside the Grid Region cluster, adding a ‘P’ output. (163.0 KB)

Code inside the Grid Region cluster:


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