Structure curve to geometry

Dear all,

How can I model this geometry by these structure curves?
It consists of two surfaces, an inner surface and an outer surface.
I would like to get this geometry by these curves not by cutting surface.structure curve to geometry.3dm (30.4 KB)


The idea would be to make the main outside surface and trip away the bottom hole, but you’re going to need a few more curves to define the shape.

Use BlendCrvs to fill in the area that will be trimmed off.

Then you can make a NetworkSrf but it won’t fit the hole edge very well without more verticle cross-section curves, probably one more on each side that pass through the hole edge. Probably about here and here:

You’ll probably need to point edit and tweak them to imply the shape you’re after.

Then use NetworkSrf to make the outside surface, trim off the bottom and you’re almost done.

Hi Arc-qiushi- the inner surface can be done with NetworkSrf (assuming the curves that cross each other actually meet and are split at the intersection, making a radial arrangement). The outer part is a little trickier but something like the attached might be a good way.

Curve&Surfaces_PG.3dm (198.4 KB)


Thanks! John!
what I did is partly the same as what you said. I found more curves needed and after cutting the bottom part from the output of network surface, it doesn’t fit the original bottom outline very well.

I don’t really understand how can you get the two surfaces of the bottom part.
It seems that you drew extra structure curve precisely, then got the surface based on it? by what command? And do you think after getting all the output surfaces of the bottom part, they can be joined as one integral surface and can be an input for grasshopper?
Thanks again!