Structural Openings

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Looking at Revit Shafts & Openings.

Shaft Openings Profile is just not the profile but also with the cross hairs… Also have found geometry of the Shaft… is not a full brep of the shaft that is cutting floors…

I was struggling to find all Structural Openings…

However, this worked. Selecting the Opening and finding the category.

Not sure if there is a better way to find all Structural Openings in Revit?

Hi Christopher,

A bounding box will get you the extent of the Shaft Opening.

Try sorting the subcategories of the line work after getting the Element Dependents.

Thanks Japhy…

If you have a shaft with multi shafts in the one Revit Element Shaft - Bounding Box will Create 1 box around all Shafts… Not really Ideal.

Is there a way to get element geometry from shafts? Single Brep per Shaft.

Regards Chris Pires

Here a geometry driven solution. I’ll see if we can do something better via the Revit API. (9.6 KB)

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Nice Work around @Japhy. Thanks