Structural frame from surfaces

I am trying to create a structural frame to support these surfaces using rectangular sections, however I’m not to sure how to tidy up the junctions where each member meets.
Many thanks!
Pavilion.3dm (454.8 KB)

With regard real-life Load Bearing Structure (aka LBS):

  1. First you need connectivity. Either handling this as a graph or a mesh.
  2. Then you need to calculate angles for all adjacent pairs (per node) for managing clash situations.
  3. Then you need a flexible (within limits) connecting system like MERO KK that allows several levels of freedom (but you need to check sleeves and sleeve adapters vs the angles as in 2). If the envelope LBS is from rectangular tubes - as shown - then you need suitable adapters to the sleeves. Avoid “hinged” type of connections at any cost.
  4. Then you need a way to interactively modify your nodes if some (but not all) are subject to clashes. That is impossible without code.
  5. Then you need to treat all your stuff as instance definitions. In fact for such a small structure you don’t … but the more the size grows … blah, blah. But if this finally goes to some AEC BIM app (AECOSim, Revit etc) … then you need a structured hierarchy in order to communicate properly.

If you are novice on that kind of stuff (and not familiar with code) I would strongly advise to postpone that type of design(s) … IF 100% real-life results are desired.

Note: if your LBS is a truss without W depth (as shown) … then torque is expected in the nodes meaning BIG members that ruin the aesthetics, The solution is either a classic W truss or a tensegrity truss (pull via cables, push via solid members) or a hybrid complex solution with regard some nodes.

BTW: Here’s a very small MERO KK 3 layered W truss (bottom + top + W) from a closed tri-mesh … that indicates the obvious (with regard instance definitions):

19+ Mb for some tubes and some sleeves.

Just Imagine a real-life big thingy PLUS all the things required for attaching the envelope PLUS the envelope modules.

Zoom to the nodes to see what clash issues means (no correction of any kind is made).

Demo_TrusFromMesh_NoInstances.rar (4.7 MB)

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