Structural element goes to infinty

I was doing structural analysis of a building. And I have made a core to stabilise the structure as a mesh. But during analysis, the core goes to infinity. Kindly guide me what to do. I will attach the pictures.

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Hi user, would you upload the sketch? It will facilitate finding what´s going on… Best! (67.6 KB)

Please let me know if you find a solution. I have tried everything but I could not solve it.


I don´t have “Speckle” plug-in. I cannot run your sketch. Please, try to simplify your problem sketch and to avoid non-standard plug-ins as much as possible. Internalization perhaps would help…

Basically, it says that there are 5 rigid bodies but I am unable to locate them and accordingly sort them out.

Try using Eigen Modes component to compute a few eigenmodes. They should highlight the rigid body motions.

When sharing your scripts, please try to remove all third party plugins so others can help you. When I open your script, I do not have access to your speckle stream and cannot access your geometry.

Please internalise all the geometry in the definition so that we can help you.

geometry 3 (3).gh (98.0 KB)

Pls see the recently uploaded file.
Thank you

Kindly let me know if you find a solution.

Thank you so much.

Your floorplates are not connected to the cores and these are not connected to your columns.

In this script you can see how you can mesh all the geometry together so that the floors and cores are connected. However you need to split all your columns also at the intersection of your floorplates. You can use the ConnectedParts component to check if any parts of your model are not connected to the main model.

geometry 3 (3) - (109.7 KB)

Thanks a lot