Structural analysis of a Brep!

Hey Forum!

My professor has set me the task to build a script for topological optimization from scratch - so nothing pre-built from an addon.

My Plan is to have a box, which represents the beam to be optimized, then voxelise it, and then let galapagos take away every voxel which isn’t needed. That’s worked allright so far, with one small problem: I couldn’t find any Plugin which allows me to structurally analyse the Brep.

My simple question is: Is there a Plugin, which i can attach to my Brep, add loads and materials and it will automatically compute whether the Brep will hold up or not?

I hope, you’ve understood my question - the GH file is attached, with the last solution I’ve came up with.

Thank you for your support,

regards, Jonas :slight_smile:

Adaptive Brücke test (15.8 KB)

Not sure how that strokes with:

Plug-in == add-on.

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Hi Nathan,

sorry for this late response, I got sick and sadly wasn’t able to get to my laptop!

You’re right, of course a plug-in is an add on, what I meant was that he does not want me to simply use an addon for topological optimization, but to actually build the solution for myself!

I’ve downloaded some tools, that can do the optimization on their own, but I really only need a tool that can structurally analyse any brep I give it. :slight_smile:

I hope that’s cleared things up a little, again, sorry for the delay,

regards, Jonas