Structual elements using SFrames and Orient

Hi! First of, I’m very much a beginner learning Grasshopper for uni but the whole course has been terrible so far and the entire class is stuggling.

I am trying to create strcutual elements from a surface so I can lasercut them. But I can’t seem to twist the curves created by SFrames properly.

I’ll show you what I have and what I am trying to do:


How it looks:

What I would like (from a book I found):

Please, any help is appriciated as I do not really know what I’ve been doing…

Should also add that I am doing this to eventually create a file for laser cutting a model like this:

There seem to have been a lot of that going around lately, maybe you guys need to take this up with your tutors! Anywho, if you are struggling, you should really get the basics down first. Also make sure the carefully go through this post.

Believe us, we have, never the less we have 2 weeks now to finish our codes… It’s a mess really just trying to pass :’(