Strobing Surfaces

I recently got around to trying out the Rhino 6 for mac trial but for some reason when I look in perspective view, I see a strobing effect on my surfaces.

I’ve looked through my display preferences but can’t seem to resolve it.

It happens on shaded, rendered, ghosted etc.

Anyone know why this is happening?

2 things I’d check are- is your geometry far off from the origin ? Have you got surfaces duplicated on top of each other ?

You’re right it was that my geometry was far from the origin.

Out of interest, do you know why this happens?

Thanks very much!

could be a few things, sometimes if you import geometry from another file it can happen, or maybe you’ve had everything selected and done a move without even realising it, or maybe it’s just one of those things the universe throws at us from time to time :rofl:, anyway glad its sorted :+1:

If you mean why do objects display like that far from the origin, the main reason is that meshes in Rhino are calculated with single precision floating point math, and with very large numbers, there is significant error in those calculations. Since what you see in Rhino in the screen are display meshes, you can get this effect.

It is possible to force Rhino to use more accurate double precision calculations for meshes, but even those can show errors for large distances from the origin. This is just how computer floating point math works together with Rhino’s display system…

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