Stresses and support forces in 5pt sail not working as expected

Hi, it’s my first time using the plugin in a few years… I see it’s come a long way!
In the 5pt sail demo, I cannot figure out how to display the stresses and support forces. I select all three output settings options but that seems to break the solver. Would appreciate any tips, thank you!

Looking at this today, I understand the demo only does the formfinding. Presumably, analysis must be done on the formfound geometry per standard procedures. However, I find that the nonlinear analysis diverges (only the static works). Thank you

Yes, analysis should be done on the formfound structure. However, I do not understand what is going wrong in your example. If I open the example files, they work. Could you post your file? Forgetting the prestresses is a common mistake in the consecutive analysis.
Results like stresses and support forces are also available for formfinding. Rerunning the analysis after checking the output options is necessary.

Hi Anna, please find the file attached. All I changed was selecting the Stresses and SupportForces, and adding the 2D Element Result component. It seems like checking Stresses as output produces the error. (16.0 KB)

It works for me. The only thing that I changed is adding another load case number for the results and connecting the deformed model to the analysis component. (20.8 KB)

Hi, fyi the error seems to be i/o related. When I downloaded your script and ran it from the downloads folder, it indeed worked. However, saving the file to my working directory caused the 0 GPs error again. Not sure what would be causing that

is the analysis running, are the text files generated? Sometimes there is an issue with special characters or spaces in the path.

Hi I also encounter situations where I got an error saying 0 GPs but the same file works fine on a different machine. Any workaround is highly appreciated.

These days I’m heavily using Kiwi😀

The analysis runs, and the usual output is generated. However, adding a space doesn’t seem to cause the error, but only when I try to save to a Google Drive synced folder on my machine.

Hi does it work if you try a different save path, for example in your home directory?

If you save it to Google Drive, does it run? And are all txt files generated: MyAnalysis.txt, .out.res and out.georhino?