Streets growing into a Tower

Dear Members,

In my architectural design Studio, I am exploring the concept of GRAVITATION towards one thing… and applying it to an Urban MasterPlan of a city… and a Building.

So I am trying to apply the idea of this sculpture I did in the first stage:

where the tower acts as the attractor that MAGNETIZES and GRAVITATES the surrounding streets towards it.
The streets grow and twist around each other to create a tower. Then the tower is internally stable through a structure of Voronoi cells that join and stitch the twisting surfaces together. The following picture may be a good reference to start from:

However, I tried many different scripts and workflows but none are working to achieve this at all. I have one more week for submission and still have no idea how to turn these ideas into a working script. I really need help, guidance and suggestions.

Thank you so much in advance.

Give us something to start with…

I can almost guarantee you that last image is made in Maya or another SubD modeler (not very well either). Grab a subD modeler and start pulling some verts around and doing some face bridging. It is for sure too random to be anything algorithmic. You could achieve that model in an hour or two with little subD practice.

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Thank you so much. I was trying to make it parametric but seems to be that what you said is right.

I will model it then…! thanks a million again.