Streamlabs Animation


Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share an animation that I finished at the end of last year that has now become public. This was a fun one to work on . . . originally I had some nice “camera shake” as the view transitioned from the house through the clouds and into space, but the client made me take it out . . . Not looking at this for a few months and I see some thing i’d change of course, but that’s probably the case with most projects. Anyway, hope you enjoy viewing.



Nice work.

(Luc Adriaenssen) #3

Hi Bendbox,
Maybe you could add your video to Bongo’s Gallery as well.

I assume the travel ‘into space’ isn’t done in Rhino/Bongo?


Thank you DanBayn!


Hi Luc,

The travel into space was mostly done in Rhino/Bongo. The “fly through the clouds” as you are zooming out from the house was added in post but the house to earth zoom out itself was done entirely in Rhino/Bongo.

I’ll Upload the video to the Bongo Gallery.