Streamlabs Animation

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share an animation that I finished at the end of last year that has now become public. This was a fun one to work on . . . originally I had some nice “camera shake” as the view transitioned from the house through the clouds and into space, but the client made me take it out . . . Not looking at this for a few months and I see some thing i’d change of course, but that’s probably the case with most projects. Anyway, hope you enjoy viewing.



Nice work.

Hi Bendbox,
Maybe you could add your video to Bongo’s Gallery as well.

I assume the travel ‘into space’ isn’t done in Rhino/Bongo?

Thank you DanBayn!

Hi Luc,

The travel into space was mostly done in Rhino/Bongo. The “fly through the clouds” as you are zooming out from the house was added in post but the house to earth zoom out itself was done entirely in Rhino/Bongo.

I’ll Upload the video to the Bongo Gallery.