Stream Gate bug or expected behavior? 1. Gate component can only operate on a single Gate Index value

I was recently revising one of our workflows and came across some unexpected behavior. When checking to see if a condition is met, (in this case, if a mesh is closed or not), we provide some visual feedback to the designer. If the mesh volume is not closed, it will turn red.

We have a solution, as shown below, but shouldn’t the stream gate component be able to handle multiple values? I made a super simple python component and set it to list access, and it seems to work fine. (79.8 KB)
EDIT: I understand that you could simply use the dispatch component, but am interested in knowing if this is a bug.

IMO, Dispatch is what you want in this case…

Of course I thought you might already know.
And in the case of Stream Gate, it’s originally designed, I don’t think it’s a bug.