Stream function in panel component no longer creates/writes any files

For me the stream function in the panel component no longer creates/writes any files. When I click stream destination and choose a file location no file is written to the drive, I tried .csv and .dat.

No one taking a looksie at this? The stream function is not working well 90% of the time no file is created. @DavidRutten could you look at this. What is the pattern to make this work well it’s really a bear to get it to work flawlessly for me.

Instead of stream destination why not just say “save file” and have GH really save the file.

What is happening to me is that the file is not totally created I’ve tried all the formats and it’s always the same, 90% of the time no file is written when you click on stream destination. Then when I open notepad or excel there is no file to open. Sometimes maybe 10% of the time there is a link but windows says it can’t find the file.
Windows vista, latest GH

Hi Roland,
Not of much help but I cannot repeat that problem here. I just installed 0.9.0056 and tried it but was running 0.9.0014 until this morning and also tried it in that version before upgrading.

My test was just a simple definition with one series component that outputs 10 values, a slider, and a multiplication of those two. Plugged into a yellow note (panel) and streamed that to a text file.

Hi Wim,
Thanks for taking a look, it used to work for me too but now it is a real bear to get it to work, what version of Excel are you using?

I haven’t tried with Excel but I could (Microsoft Office 2010 - Excel version 14.0.6129.5000).

Is there a simple test definition that you could attach that I could try?

looks like other might be running into this one as well, @DavidRutten?

Hi Wim,

Yea that looks like what I am seeing, I can no longer download attachments, but for me I merely try to send point data to excel and nothing 90% of the time. Also I see that David says now you have to re simulate to get stream to work, that’s bogus because what if at first you merely want to send the current data to excel one can’t you have to change something in your def file then it sends.
Thanks for your kind help and for finding that thread.

Hi Roland,
I agree with you that it should not be necessary to recompute to stream. Thing is that I don’t seem to have to in order for it to work (in my simple test).
Grasping at straws, perhaps, but do you first assign the path and then toggle stream or the other way around? Or doesn’t that matter? (not in front of a PC at the moment).
I guess we’ll have to wait for David to chime in…
(but I can imagine it’s nice in the Swiss Alps this time of year :slight_smile:

It is, but David’s in Austria… It’s nice there too though… :smile:


Hi Wim

Yes I’ve tried both ways even tried creating a text or csv file first and then tried over writing it with stream destination and still nothing, I see on the GH forum there is a thread under bug reports where two other people are seeing the same thing I am, no text files are written.
I think David’s busy coding something for monkey now maybe he will chime in at some point.