Strategic reason(s) to build a model far from the orgin?


I often enough see that a designer has built their model far from the origin. Are there strategic reason(s) to do so?

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That is due to a site location plan/background file typically, where a geolocated file was imported and used as a reference.

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In addition to Japhy’s reply I can add a non strategic reason:
Some designers start at the origin and copy next design iteration to the right( or left).
After some iterations they end up with the the latest design far from origin.

Often in a layer named test_friday_option3_Final_Final'

The filename reads something like mydesignproject_option3FinalFinal3.3dm


Hello Willem and Japhy,

I see. Both responses make sense because some of these models are the result of advanced modeling techniques. The result is situational.

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