Strangles in the last Wip

(Wip 13/06/2017).

  • Slow start (slow program opening).
  • In the property panel, to the right, the icon “Dim” options has disappeared.
    In the previous Wip was present, it has now disappeared.

Every wip is always a surprise!

Hi Davide, we seek to keep you entertained. As far as I can see the Dim icon is present in Properties if a dimension is selected in the latest builds here -

Is that what you are referring to?

How slow is slow, in starting up?


Pascal, sometimes Rhino wip starts with a bit of delay, sometimes no, I do not know what it will depend on… (nothing serious, it will be my system fault, maybe …).

As you can see the “Dim” icon in the right property panel there is no (wip 13/06/2017). In the previous wip of 06/06/2017, on the contrary, it was visible, seems to have disappeared

FWIW, Same thing here. Sometimes 30 - 60 seconds. Other times pretty much instantaneously…

Exact! It also happens to me, sometimes Rhino starts in a few seconds, sometimes it takes a minute to start. Very strange … You should investigate …

Instead, about Dim in the property panel what can you say? As you can see, the icon does not appear to me…

I had to revert to the 6/6 version here because none of the panels would appear when I prompted them (properties, layers, named views, …) so I can’t check that now. I’ll probably be able to test later but I expect that others will be able to check before that…

Hi Davide, Wim - Hmm - I wonder if this is a search for licenses. Is there any feedback anyplace about what Rhino is doing during the wait?

Btw, I also see some panels failing to open from the Panels menu - not Layer, here but a couple of others.


I’ll try and check for feedback next time. Often there is just nothing happening at all to the point where I believe I didn’t actually launch Rhino and try again. Only to end up with 2 instances a while later.

They all failed to open - both from the menu drop-down and from calling them either with my regular keyboard shortcuts or by command on the command line. I was thrown into a project on a deadline and will have to get back to another project tomorrow before I can start experimenting with this more.

Hi Wim, Davide - got the Panels part, partly :



Pascal, I tried to open Rhino wip several times, now it starts immediately, no problem, will be the whims of Windows or else, I do not know…
Instead, resolve the “Dim” icon in the property panel, that does not exist!