Strange Transparency bug

Hi guys, I am trying to visualize different sea heights and put two transparent planes in the model. One green and one red, and look at this strange result:

Here is the green plane only:

And the red plane only:

So why does the entire red plane turn orange when the green is not hidden?

AAAH… If I turn off Use alpha channel for the aerial photo then it behaves properly. So something is causing an issue there.

Please look into it.

I made a simplified model here:
Transparency bug.3dm (4.9 MB)

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Hi Jorgen - mixing red and green in different amounts in RGB will get you into the oranges, I think that is expected -

Is that what you are asking about?


No, orange is as expected.
Thing here is that the entire top plane changes color to orange, even over the area that isn’t above the light green plane.
If you compare the top and bottom image you’ll see. Bottom image is what I expect, top image is what happens if material with aerial photo has « Use alpha channel» on.

Yes, got it, this:


The texture was set to ‘simple bitmap’ so, head scratching.
More coffee.

Interesting that in a parallel vp (Top) it is also incorrect, I guess, but differently so…

RH-66250 Display: Transparency over bitmap with alpha

It looks like the white alpha from the bitmap is is being applied to all transparency that hits it, so the bitmap is completely transparent where transparent objects occlude it.


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