Strange tool tips

Any news about this (still a) problem?


I can confirm the strange behaviour. I am experiencing the different length number appearing when trying to measure the geometry with using this tool next to the cursor. Hope I will manage to get some video/ screenshots later.

You can probably repeat this - so… is it fixable? :slightly_smiling_face:


I do not see this in the clip - if the length shows at all it seems to be consistent, am I correct?
@petumatr - do you see the intermittent tooltips?


Yes, seen that too.

Actually, no, it’s not consistent - the numbers can vary when you move the cursor near the snapping point (as @petumatr said). I didn’t catch that behaviour when making the video though…


Hm, I dont see intermittent tooltips, just the issue with incorrect length. It happens only for the first time when trying to measure the geometry.

I was finally able to get this odd behaviour on video. It’s very hard to repeat - I had to try many times…
I’ll send the file directly to McNeel.

The distance is supposed to be 12 mm.


Ah yes Philip,
thats exactly what I experienced as well. Good job with getting this on video.


This is still a problem…


Can confirm here as well…


I have the same problem as well…

I don’t know for you guys: For me it gets worse if the file is larger and if I am moving the mouse quite fast: then it happens about 1/3 of the time.

Any news?



that happens a lot with me… (multiple times per day)

it’s become ‘measure twice cut once’.

but yeah, will be nice for this bug to be squashed



@wim Can you please try to reproduce this behavior? I’m having trouble here.

Hmmm, strange… Here it happens all the time.


i tried repeating the steps leading up to the behavior about 5 times today but it doesn’t seem repeatable once it fixes itself… (which it always does upon a 2nd attempt)

a bug squasher’s nightmare i suppose but from a user POV, it appears to happen randomly

@dan - I can reproduce the wrong value issue here with the file that Philip sent on September 24th. And as @nickboewing wrote …

… it’s about 1/3 of the time.
Reported as RH-55744.

I can’t reproduce the issue where nothing appears in the tooltip.


Thanks @wim! I’m glad someone here at McNeel can reproduce it. I was having a tough time.

The strange tooltip bug is still here in the newest V6 (6.23.20035.13182, 2020-02-04). It’s happening very often and in every session, which is quite annoying…

Is it really that impossible to fix?
@dan, @wim