Strange right-clicking behavior

Having two (or more) objects behind one another in a shaded viewport and left clicking selects the nearest object (as you would expect), but right clicking brings up the selection menu… Not what I would expect.


@marlin, @dan

I can see what you mean. This seems to me to be expected behavior and happens the same way in Rhino for Windows, if I’m not mistaken.

Imagine I don’t have any objects selected and I want to use right-click to hide one of the two objects. I need to pick the object first (so, in this case I need the selection menu if the pick is ambiguous). It actually happens this way in Rhino for Windows, except that you have to hold down the right-click longer. Or am I not understanding?

i think @Philip is pointing out that there’s a difference in selection behavior depending on left-click select or right-click select.

if you select stacked(?) objects with left-click, the one in front will generally select without the selection menu coming up.
if you context select with right-click, the front object will never select without going to the selection menu first.

i don’t know… i like both ways depending on what i’m doing. i wish rhino could read my mind to know which one to use at any given time. :wink:

Yep, that’s what I meant. Thanks Jeff! There’s no reason for the selection meny to pop up when right clicking. That’s just seems weird…