Strange results for raster-printing Layout

I am getting strange results in printing a layout with the print setting to raster (5C254). The preview looks ok:

But the resulting pdf looks like this:
rasterlayout.pdf (168.1 KB)

Changing the setting to vector gives the correct result.


Hi Max-

I’m not able to reproduce what you are seeing on my end (OS X 10.11.6, RhinoWIP 5D48w, with HP Color LaserJet 4700). Here are my print settings, which I believe match yours as best as I can:

…and the resulting (Save > PDF) document looks as I would expect.
rasterlayout-dan-01.pdf (175.1 KB)

(Tangentially: We’re still looking into what is causing this other issue you reported, but something seems to be off with your printer driver, or - better stated - how Rhino or OS X interacts with your printer driver).


Hi Dan,

I’ll see if I can install a new printer driver to resolve the issue. But changing to vector-based printing also resolves the issue, so I don’t miss out on much.

If “the other issue” refers to the printed representation of surface edges, I did state in my last post that it was my mistake all along, so no problem there anymore. With regards to printing to paper size rather than viewport size, oh well… I’ll survive that.