Strange Offsetsrf result

Hello, i am having a problem with sweep2 and offsetsrf again. I am trying to model roadside railings but i couldnt make it smooth enouhg in rendered mode. It has some strange sharp points on the turns and after i offset it, it got more and more strange situation. It is not a big deal on the project but i am having these same issue frequently and want to know why this is happening. I change the mesh properties to the smooth and slower, also change my old pc and i am using RTX2060 now. Here is the pictures to illsutrate the problem and 3dm file.

strange surface.3dm (578.5 KB)

Hello - run DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes’


Hi pascal, that worked very well for the offseting surface, thank you!
Any comments for the non smooth surface?

Your surfaces look decent - pretty sure what you’re seeing is a low poly display mesh. Try changing your “Maximum distance, edge to surface” in Properties → Mesh to something like 0.001

Thats solve my problem. Thank you!

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Part of the issue came from the fact that the dimensions of those surfaces are quite small - for instance the extrusion is only ~0.25 mm tall - weird things can happen with display meshes when you have parts that are super small, relative to the units of the file.

I will keep that in my mind, thank you!