Strange mesh

Hi, I created these stringers with Sweep. I capped the lower two stringers with a strange mesh result.

Any ideas?

Strange mesh.3dm (340.0 KB)

Looks like you have accidentally set your crease splitting to no (sometimes Rhino does this by itself, it’s a bug).

To fix the existing objects: Select your objects, run the command DivideAlongCreases (SplitAtKinks=Yes).

To prevent this from happening in the future: Run the command CreaseSplitting and set SplitAlongCreases=Yes.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks Mitch! That was fast!

Hi Thomas- are you using any non-default plug-ins, like T-Splines, or Orca etc? (trying to find someone to blame for resetting this CreaseSplitting state…)



Nope, just Rhino!

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