Strange Geometry Issue - Block Instance

Hey there,
I encountered a strange geometry issue: I inserted a block instance to Rhino with default insertion settings. (The scale parameters here are all set to 1) However, when I checked the details of this insertion, the transformation matrix is not an identity transformation. It showed an auto-scaling happened with no good reason. It doesn’t have this issue when I use Rhino Python to do the insertion.

Does anyone know why? (file attached.)

strange_geometry.3dm (176.5 KB)

Hello- I guess it should only get the identity transformation matirx if inserted at W0,0,0.


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Block definitions are stored in their original units. If the model is at different units there could be a built in transformation at insert.

If using python to look at the block it is possible that until transformation is bypassed.

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Ahh! I just realized 3.28 is the scaling factor from meter to feet. You are right.

Thank you!