Strange display preformance

I noticed strange behavior with a large (as in dimension) model, specialy when the model is clipped:

Is the model far from the world origin… 0,0,0?

Nope! Always on 0,0,0

Can you post a 3dm model or a portion of this model that still shows the issue on your machine? It would also be good to see your Options>View>OpenGL info. Thanks.

Do you get the same problem if you disable the 3d connexion plug-in from the Plug-in manager?

  • Andy

I installed the newest nividia and 3dconnexion driver with this result:

I did unplug the 3d mouse first and that seem to be the problem…

Hi Andy,

Indeed, I still have problems with the 3d connexion mouse. Zooming and rotating works fine with the plugin disabled and if it’s enabled, with some models, it’s is rotating on a point far away and the display is cutoff. I have the newest drivers. Any idea to solve this?