Strange deformation behaviour with FlowAlongSrf

Hi all
[this happens every time,] Flowing the same element onto a ring’s shank, the deformation, seems arbitrary,
sometimes it stretch more horizontally and some times vertically. is this a known bug?
the attached FlowAlongSrf deformation.3dm (1.3 MB) show 2 identical flowers flowed together onto the same cylindrical shank, one is fat and one is tall.
These and other elements are meant as settings for gemstones. in addition to the deformation irregularity issue, is there a way to calculate the level of deformation, in order to counter deform accordingly before flowing the elements, the desired result would be a round centre [for a gemstone setting]
with thanks

@akash You are able to avoid deformations using FlowAlongSrf if you enable “rigid”.
Another approach: boolean operations- you could place solid objects on your ring using orient- commands such as _Orient3Point or OrientOnSrf and create your gemstone setting through BooleanDifference