Strange behaviour when rendering

I need to make a render of a project I’m working on and I have some strange results. I’m using the latest Rhino beta on a Win10 workstation with an Nvidia Quadro P2000 graphic card.

First of all the AMD ProRender crashes after a few seconds and the display it is partially black.

The Arctic view mode in Rhino it is not displaying correctly some materials and some object that have transparent (glass) material it is not displaying at all. The other transparent materials shows undesired reflections. Also I can’t find a way to eliminate the black border of some objects.

On Cycles rendering I also have some black borders around some objects and I don’t know from where they are.

All the materials from the material pannel seems to be oversaturated even after pressing the “reset to defaults” button.

Black borders for Cycles seem to be wires, edges and such that are turned on. You probably used SetObjectDisplayMode ?

For the previews you’ll have to set Rhino Render as the current renderer. As I mentioned in another thread Cycles for Rhino won’t be in V6, and in the next beta it should be gone too.