Strange behavior ViewToCaptureFile

I have a small problems with the Output of my Rhino 6 mac outputs from ViewToCaptureFile (I used it for my Illustration work instead of Penguin or sth. similar)
I created a mode for Illustrations like Sketchup Style. In Normal Cases export them with my background but now if I deactivated my bgr (set it to transparent) Every line is also transparent and some color and material settings getting crazy.

Here is another sample where I colored some of the spikes green to show this phenomena.

Here is also the Display mode (by the way it is also for everyone to enjoy :))like Sketchup copy.ini (6.3 KB)

any ideas so far?

The only thing I have tried when really strange things happen, is to reset the PLIST.
This will wipe your customization so make sure you have them saved.

If the problem persists after the PLIST reset, will you please supply a small sample file and all the instructions to repeat the problem here?


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