Stork - new view navigation plug-in for Rhino

Stork is a view navigation plug-in for Rhino. Its main features and areas of use are:

  • Walking/flying, real-time Rhino model exploration with ground and scene objects collisions

  • Intuitive, flexible and precise camera angle setup and photo-matching

  • Real-time project presentation or screen-recorded walkthrough video production

  • Fully implemented Two Point Perspective projection with no limitations known in standard Rhino UI

  • No need to export to external software to experience your model from human eye perspective

Stork uses a set of keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and popup menus, and is primarily based on [WASD] + MouseLook scene navigation standard known from FPP [ First Person Perspective ] video games, enhanced with Rhino-specific features.

Download from food4Rhino…

Posted Apr 01, 2020 by Cécile Lamborot on Rhino News, etc.