Storing data as a new branch in a data tree, data is generated by iterations (controlled by a slider)

Is anyone familiar on how to store data within gh? I have a definition that will generate many values in a certain data tree; after every iteration (controlled by a slider) I need to add a new branch of the same data structure to the generic data.

-the recording component is losing the data tree. it is just adding elements in the end of the list.
-data output/input component saves the last value, but I need all cases.

I prepared a short gh definition (using sticky variables) to clarify what I need,and would be very thankful if someone could assist.

D (10.9 KB)

If you set the branch path before putting it into the recorder, it will remember it. Here’s an approach with Graft By Data from Tree Frog: (5.7 KB)

That’s super helpful Andrew. Thank you.
The only problem now it that in my case I will have at least 3 sliders used in a colibri iterator.
Example: I know that in total we have 48 iterations but I dont get this number as output from the component,
but I dont get it an iterative process from 0 to 48, after each update.

Do you have any suggestion for that?

I don’t know how the collibri iterator works and I was unable to open your definition because I was missing a few of the plugins you used. Assuming what you want is to try all possible combinations of a set of sliders, you can do this without any plugins using the Cross Reference component, and in this way you’ll have access to the iteration count: (11.3 KB)

beautiful :star_struck:
Thanks a lot

Colibri doesn’t it contain a way to store data? did you try the newest version?