How I can import from Inventor (autodesk) STL file and transform to BREP in Grasshopper ? (10.7 KB)


What are you actually trying to do? Reverse Engineering meshes to NURBS is about the least fun thing in all of 3D, so don’t do it if you don’t really have to.

This is part of my full code.

The idea is import a stl file and get a brep from the stl model. Like my attached file.

Complete example… (29.8 KB)

Yes why are you trying to get a NURBs model from the mesh? What are you trying to accomplish?

You don’t have the mesh geometry internalized in your definition so I don’t actually know how it should behave. But you’re plugging the input geometry which I’m expecting to be a mesh into components that only deal with BREPs so that doesn’t seem likely to work.

Also, if the geometry was initially made natively in Inventor, you can probably just use a STEP file.

I agree that .stp / .step is usually the best conversion format.