Stl setting for 3d print

Hello all
I am looking to get better 3d print
How do i change my stl setting to get better prints
using Rhino 5


depending on what printer you are outputting to, the settings could be different.
From my experience (quite a bit), I tend to use the settings below, where I mainly play with the Max.Edge length depending on what type of object I have (1 or .5 for Small parts wax printing, 5-10 for larger parts polyamide or other powder based prints) units in mm.

The max length creates some poly wastage when you disable simple planes but it gives a nice even mesh most of the time.

If you could provide us with more details on the machine you print on and what type of model you have it would be helpful.

Check out this video series from @theoutside for lots on model prep for printing.

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On a webinar from December about 3dprinting it was said that you should play a bit with Maximum dinstance, edge to surface. Rest on 0.

If you try 0,1 & 0,01 & 0,001 you should see a lot of difference. The lower the number the higher the quality of the meshes. Be aware! Watch the polygoncount! Some 3d printers have limits for max polygoncounts.

P.S. @BrianJ thats the one I meant above

the printer is stratasys diemension elite

This new tutorial video series by Kyle Houchens has some excellent practical advice specifically for this:

Highly recommended

Here is my own favourite “facet-conserving”, but also “smooth” recipe for that:

\It is a draft that could be a starting point for the further fine tuning.\