STL mesh outline

I have an STL file scan of a weird shaped precious stone. I would like to make a cage like shape around said mesh to match its shape. What is the best way of going about doing that? Any ideas?

You are looking for the outline of the mesh from a particular point of view (like Top)? In that case use the command MeshOutline.

more like “drape” but around the whole surface

Hi Ian -

Wouldn’t that just be the whole shape?

The problem is that I am trying to use a to use autopattern in Crossgems which is like matrix for jewelry production.
It cant work on a mesh so if I do ToNurbs the amount of faces causes rhino to crash, If I reducemesh too much and then use the autopattern cant make sense of the many polysurface faces. I need a way if possible to have a simple outline of the 3d object.

I dont know if I am explaining in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Hi Ian.
Take a look at v8’s ShrinkWrap command. Maybe it will help.

Im downloading WIP now. Ill let you know. Thanks

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Not quite. Maybe I should just try to form it in SubD