Stitching Performance

Hi. Oddity here with stitch. Two sets of equal numbered edges used as input. Works fine if the edges don’t overlap. See how I move the top subd up, and then the stitching has no problem.

cant_stitch_equal sides.3dm (151.8 KB)

Also, while I’m at it, could we have an option for a subd primitive which is a circular plane? So just the cap of a cylinder? But specifying the style of centre, edges around, and how many segments from the edge to the centre. I know the workarounds are easy, just seems like a ‘complex enough’ primitive that would be nice and not tricky to program I imagine.



can you post that file?

How about using bridge instead of stitch?

and what is that good for generally when we have bridge already? i mean maybe for vertex, but this could be combined into one command i assume.

Bridge always adds a segment.

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Thanks Kyle

looks buggy to me, off to the good Dr. Lear for triage-

case #

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Yes Martin.
That’s the exact point.

Sub-D tools- Bridge that I think one of the advantages is flexible editing.
(add or del segments)

In my case, that is the distinction. -stitch-

I think it would be beneficial to have an alignmenet option for the stitching of Edge Loops since it may not always be that clear…

Of course this could be done with the Bridge command but then I’d have to delete an edge afterwards.

stitching_edge_loops.3dm (237.9 KB)


yep, totally agree-


I believe this is what is known as a SPIN edge in subD and mesh modelling worlds

my understanding of spin edge was the process of moving a triangle edge from one orientation to another.

I think in this case, we simply need some alignment handles in stitch.

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Bridge has the alignment handles already. You probably wanted to write alignment handles for the stitch command

you are correct… edited… thanks

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Yeah maybe spin is something else then. Still not something anywhere in Rhino SubD yet anyway. Maybe it’s under a different name or on the way? From what I’ve read it seems a building block kind of feature.

Also, what brought you to this topic after 4 months @theoutside ? was surprised when I saw the notifications for this :smiley:

I regularly go through unhandled forum posts, (posts with zero comment) but there are literally thousands and thousands of them… takes a while to dig through the pile and this one just recently surfaced and came to my attention.

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Gold star for customer service!!!

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we don’t always succeed but by god…we do try with everything we have.

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