...Still struggling with docking panels


Is there a solution to get the docking panels sticking in their places between sessions ?
I asked this so many times since rh5 and I really don’t understand why I still have to struggle with that.

Any development ?

Before exiting rhino (single instance)

After restart


Yep, I know, I think this is on the pile to get some attention in V8. @JohnM - is that correct?


Yes, the old system of saving/restoring has been completely scrapped and I’m in the process of putting together a completely new system that should be much more reliable.


Thank you.
This is good news.

Hi guys,

Does that mean that until V8 there is no way of saving panel states…?

Hi Sven -

There won’t be a new way of dealing with panel states in Rhino 7.
As for Rhino 8, all this new stuff is still work-in-progress…

Every week I download new build hoping this issue is solved. It is utterly annoying to reconfigure my panels every time I start new Rhino session.
John, for God’s sake, don’t make it more reliable, make it fully working!

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Yes, come on guys, I fully agree. There should be a way to save your default panel state, at least.

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This system is getting completely replaced in version 8 and should be far more robust and reliable.

Have you done somethig recently to improve Panel docking? If so, thanks a lot.
The self-resetting is gone, at least for a couple of days for both V7 and WiP.

Hi Piotr -

Any changes in this department will only apply to Rhino 8 so anything that you see different in Rhino 7 would just be a coincidence…

One further request on ‘reliable / bullet-proof’ panel states:

How about … UI Config FILES?!

This would be similar to the display mode files. You could save the entire UI / panels & locations / toolbars / preferences / colors / layers / etc and then quickly load everything from one single and beautiful config file.

Think of all the time this would save … and the joy it would bring to sweet Rhino customers everywhere. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.

Feel free to follow up and tell me why it’s impossible. :wink: