Still looking for a simple solution to create a "puffpaint" look from surface

Im still looking for a simple way to create a half sphere “puff paint” look from complicated curves. Ive tried rail revolve and subD, both run into problems and are too time consuming as I would like to apply this effect to hundreds of closed curves eventually. In the picture below, Id like to pull up on the blue arrow and the center of surface bulge upwards while staying attached and unchanged along the bottom curve. I image I have to change the properties of the surface?

Please help!


Hi Matthew,
Try Rhino docs Height field

Or you could try Cage edit in rhino.

Thank you Fred and Clemens, I will try both!

Or, at the risk of getting too complicated: Heightfield > ask for mesh output > then QuadRemesh the result, with SubD output.


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You might want to look at the Emboss feature of Clayoo or the XNurbs plugin.

Id like a little more control than what Heightfield provides in this case, but great suggestion I will try it for more loose photo type images. The QuadRemesh is certainly key.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Will look into Clayoo and Xnurbs now, thanks for the suggestion!


Jesus Christ, Clayoo cost $1000? I just paid that for Rhino… I downloaded the trial and I cant even figure out how to put it on Rhino. Is that because Im using 7?