"Sticky" program UI area?

I have a large program where a few key inputs need to be tested with changes almost anywhere in the program. Right now I’ve got those inputs on the far left of the canvas, but it’s a pain to constantly scroll back over there, test 2-5 permutations, then scroll back to what I was working on.

Any tips for how best to handle this kind of workflow? What I’d love would be an “always in view” container or toolbar for these key inputs so I could adjust them no matter what I’m looking at. Alternatively, a way to split the canvas view in two and freeze one side (ala Excel) would work.

How do you all address this kind of workflow?

You could publish them to the remote control panel, or to a Human UI if you want to get a little fancier.

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Two years of using Grasshopper daily and I had not yet discovered the remote control panel. Thank you @andheum!