Stick information to points

Hi there,
I’m wondering what tools u would suggest me to attach additional information to e.g. points?

in this picture you see my points. I have different “duties” (like A, B and C) for my points and need to organise this information.

I’m getting better organising my data, splitting lists, merging again, mapping paths. But don’t see a way at the moment to add additional Information just with the lists.

I already got a look into Elefront. Is this the best tool? Or are there other options?

The goal at some point in the future, is a BIM-able file.

Thanks for your help!

I’m a big fan of elefront in these regard. Attaching user data to rhino and referencing throughout the workflow.

I love Elefront, but have found the nodes that come with Human to be a bit more reliable when it comes to baking to Rhino. Elefront actually just executes commands in Rhino (you can see them in the command prompt), while Human does everything in the background. Adding custom key/value pairs to elements in Rhino is not strictly something that plugins enable, they just give you access to it.

I am currently using the Human components to store tons of data in Rhino Geometry (sometimes several hundred keys) and its working great.

One tip: If you have several key values pairs make sure to never reference a specific one by index, but always by matching the key. Indexes can change, especially if you edit the keys somewhere.

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