Step Solving for Grasshopper

One of the most complex problems for beginners in Grasshopper is the data matching procedures. I prepare ppt animations on top of the combined visuals of Grasshopper canvas and viewport screenshots for my students to overcome this problem. These animations help them visually track and understand what is going on underneath the data flow of Grasshopper, which seems a bit mysterious to them in their beginning of education.

My question (or wish maybe) is to ask if there is a way to make Grasshopper compute the solution one data item at a time, or however naturally it handles the computation. I see it impossible at this stage. Even if I lock the solution, and hit F5, it computes and finishes one full iteration without showing me the steps. I understand that the finished steps are already “there” to be seen with panels, but when the algorithm becomes a bit complicated, it becomes more and more difficult to handle and explain in the educational situations. I am happy with the ppt animations but maybe a new widget or a C# component would really help a lot. It would make it easier to explain the data flow process to novice coders, and maybe also beneficial for the intermediate users to identify the bugs and data mismatching in their algorithms. Also, it would be an interesting experience for advanced users to see and maybe visualize the real flow of data happening in their algorithms.