Step import in V5 wrong


I have a customer’s STP which imports fine in V4, but wrong in V5 (both 32 and 64).

The file is confidential.
I mailed it to Pascal.


Hi Charles- you do not say what is wrong on V5, but I see a couple of untrimmed surfaces, (SR6 build here) and one surface not joined into the overall object. In V4, we forced objects’ edges closed even if the edges were not within the stp file’s own tolerances; in V5 we do not. I’ll send thins along to the developer, but I have a feeling the difference is at least partly due to this change.


Bug report -
These reports are not yet available to the public.

And we really, really wish for a file-setting tolerance settings override function. The change you have done from V4 to V5 might be better in many situations, but it is worse in many other, so let us choose. At least let us choose to use the file settings or the imported file settings.

The bug is fixed now. I’ll try to get it into sr6. If not, then sr7.

Fix will be in sr6.