Step file import isocurve

It would be great if step import created groups as opposed to blocks.
Exploding blocks to turn off isocurves is very tiresome on large files!
Or am I missing something?
Kind regards
Rob Morton

Hi Robert,

Try either of these approaches… does that make it easier?

  • uncheck isocurve display in the display panel to the right for the display mode you’re in.
  • double click a block to launch the block editor, then select all the objects in the block and in object properties uncheck isocurve visibility.

Thanks Brian.

The first works well and is quick to do, but when you select the object the isocurves reappear.

i cant get the second approach to work. i can launch the block editor, but cant see where object properties is.

kind regards

Rob Morton.

To get the isos to not show up when selected, I think you’ll have to use the second approach. After launching the block editor, select all the objects in the block and then look to the object properties panel…