Step file from Creo

I just opened am export file of a Creo assembly in Rhino WIP 6 31OCt17… Fillets are getting trimmed into torus. I have seen this before but it has been very good for a while. I just checked the same .STEP file into Rhino5 and it comes in perfect.

I have not seen this problem with previous WIP 6 builds…

Any suggestions?


You mean torus fillets are being untrimmed?

I see the same thing spheres and torus come in untrimmed. And the bizarre part is that everything joins into a polysurface with no naked edges
Here is a file that shows the problem.
Bad_Step.STP (334.8 KB)

Yeah, I messed something up in the latest WIP while fixing a different problem with torus entities. Sorry. It’s fixed for the next WIP.

Chuck Welsh
Robert McNeel and Associates

With as many users as Rhino has you just can’t get away with anything, can you? Not even in the WIP.

You guys are doing an awesome job and we appreciate the work you do.

Matthew Gueller