Step file bolt from online bolt store takes ages to copy paste

bringing in trouble.

If I copy paste an object, a simple one at that, socket headed screw (no thread) so a couple of cylinders, fillet, a hexagon hole. into Rhino3D and it takes 30 secs or so, my radar tells me this is trouble, I have introduced something that is going to impact on what was a quick to save good wholesome file.

Do you fellow Rhino users have that reaction or experience, because if I ignore my 6th sense I WILL REGRET IT.

Now why would a 3D_step file from McMaster-Carr need such time to paste in. If I draw that in a rhino file and copy paste it, it takes a millisecond, and would not corrupt and make slow my file.

As such I go without, draw the thing up from scratch. or try for Boltgen. a simple bolt can take me hours to source at times.


Copy/Paste a .step file into Rhino? How are you doing that?

have you tried to explode and rejoin the surfaces?
my process is usually:

SelBadObjects, (fix or delete)
SelDup, (delete)

after that you are left with hopefully clean geometry

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click step in bolt site, it downloads. open into rhino, then select it and copy paste to another rhino file, takes ages.

atair, might that make it a quick slick item, remove the time drag.

will try it


OK, so you aren’t copy/pasting a step file, you are copy/pasting Rhino geometry, because the step file has been converted by then.

If I do that using two otherwise empty Rhino 5 files the bolt pastes instantly. That may of course be different with a file full of stuff. And it may be that you picked a bolt with a lot of baggage and I picked a nice clean one. Maybe you can try with empty files and different bolts to pin that down.


Oh, and you could try downloading the bolt and using import to bring it directly into your destination file without needing the first Rhino file.

There is a bug in Rhino 5 (and even 6?) that when a file has a lot of textures (picture images, mesh textures etc.) that they get copied to the clipboard and pasted to the new file even if the part geometry being copied has nothing to do with them. The result is that Copy/Paste is very slow. That might be what you are seeing, the way to test is to open your downloaded bolt in a new blank file, copy and paste it into another new blank file - if that goes fast, then it it is not the bolt file itself that is causing the problem.