STEP export makes strange files

Hi, I am trying to export some STEP files but get some odd files:

Can this be due to exporting to Dropbox and it locking a file prior to renaming it?

OK, when exporting to desktop it works fine, so I presume it is because the files are small and thus fast to export, so everything goes too fast for dropbox.
(When I exported all parts together and had two of each then the STEP file became bigger and exported OK to the Dropbox folder)

@dale is this for you?

I’d pause the dropbox syncing before doing this type of exporting. When done turn back on. And in general whenever you want to save stuff to dropbox I’d turn of syncing until you’re done with the saving.

Thanks for the idea, as a workaround until it is fixed then maybe… but if I had to do that with all programs I work with I would go crazy… Rhino is the only one having issues, so I rather export to desktop and move it as a workaround for the time being.

I have no idea how other programs solves this, but maybe they save to ramdisk or to a tempfolder and then moves the result with correct naming and all to the final destination?

@tim - do you have any idea what might cause those files to appear from Rhino exports but apparently not from other apps?


I suppose it could be because the step library we use only allows for char file paths. That’s really the only thing I can think of. Internally we make the file using the wchar_t path. We use GetShortPathNameW to get a path that we can pass to StepTools. It’s the only plugin we have that does that. Now that I think about it though, I’m trying to update the 3mf sdk in V8 and it only allows for char paths too. May have to do something there as well.



Making a local file, with a char name, and then copying it to it’s ultimate wchar_t destination is an interesting idea though. It would eliminate the need to use GetShortPathNameW altogether I think. I’ll run this by Chuck and see what he thinks.

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This is a YT issue where you can track the progress of this. The change is in 8.x for now but if testing finds no problems I may put it into 7.x.



Great Tim! Thanks!!!

Can you please try a new 8.x build and see if saving step files to cloud drives works any better for you now? Thanks. The YouTrack issue says cloud drive saving has improved but I’m not sure anyone has actually tested that. I did still have to use GetShortPathNameW but in a different capacity.



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