Step by step modelising the Violin Bridge Nut Saddle

As this forum is very helpfull for me, this is, step by step, my method to modelise in Rhino the Bridge Nut Saddle of a violin!
I hope the pictures will be in good order.
In case of not, check the name of each picture, it’s from one to 69! :slight_smile:
<img src=“” width=“690” height=“493”

Well… it seems it’s the ad order, and the name of each file don’t appear… idont know how to do well this :slight_smile:

To ensure ordered pictures, you need to add each filename individually on separate lines. But these long posts with pictures without comments explaining what each picture tries to convey are… meaningless, to be honest.

People don’t believe me when I try to convince them that “a thousand pictures doesn’t explain as much as a single word”. I’ll show them your posts and they’ll finally get what I’m trying to say… :slight_smile:

Sorry, but you are wasting your and other people’s time by posting a zillion pictures without any meaningful information. Make a video instead, but most important, point out, with words, exactly what you are trying to say.

// Rolf


Hi Rolf! Ok! I understand!

Hi Rolf! As i don’t have time now to resume this, i just come to create a new topic, and, in 8 pictures, and words for explain it, in order to propose one way of modelising the fingerboard of a violin.
I hope this will be better than this topic! :slight_smile: