Status Window Implementation

Hi All,

One feature I think would be helpful for users of all levels would be the addition of a status
bar or window that would provide real-time feedback of Rhino’s progress on basic tasks
such as:

  1. Opening and Closing files
  2. Copying large amounts of data to the clipboard
  3. Make 2D drawing time

These are common areas where Rhino can start to chug for long periods of time and it’s nice to
know the program is just thinking as opposed to crashing.

Nothing fancy, perhaps a simple progress bar showing percentage of task completed so the user can
make the decision to abort or take a longer than usual coffee break :smile:


Andrew Reeder

Generally the progress of any command (if given) is shown in the command line. ReduceMesh is a good example of this. I bet that would be the spot to report the info to but I imagine it would need to be developed per command. Are the three actions you listed where you find you’re wondering what Rhino is up to the most?

I think the status bar message window (bottom right) is better, and there is already a scripting/plug-in interface for this. However, no such good alternative exists for the Mac version.

There have been requests in the past for a progress meter for any kind of function that takes potentially a long time to complete - like meshing or boolean operations - and I think the stock answer for most of the requests is “We have no way of knowing in advance how much time these operations will take to complete…”

Edit: MergeAllFaces is another one…


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Hey Brian,

Good to hear from you. I’ve enclosed two links which show how Modo and Maya
communicate with the user on intensive time consuming tasks such as
importing/exporting/or opening files. To my knowledge to date, we don’t have something like this currently in Rhino.

The three actions are some key examples where i think the added functionality would
be helpful.

Here are two examples from other applications:,McJz39O

Let me know what you think