Status Bar - Display Object Type

Is there a way to display the “object type” in the status bar?

Hi, enable selected object count in the status bar.

Thank you. I’m looking to specifically see if the objects maintain a “closed polysurface” after solid edits

You could check this for individual objects in the command history - you see this information there.

Hello - this is shown in Properties, does that work?


Thank you Pascal. Yes that’s what I’m currently doing but between BoxEdit and Layers I’m running out of room. We edit hundreds of files in a day and the time spent scrolling for it is significant.

Was hoping maybe there was someway to add that data text to the status bar as is done with the status bar checklist currently.

Yep, got it.
RH-65846 Status bar pop up: show basic object type


Thank you, Sir!

RH-65846 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thank you Brian, I look forward to using it in R7. Im guessing that would be R7.16 ?

Hi wm_c,

WIP means Rhino 8 WIP (Work-In-Progress)



I was afraid of that. We only work in the current version and “Service Release” only (never even Service Release Candidate).

We like to keep the released version of Rhino free from bugs and problems for people who prefer to use rock-solid, non-release-candidate and non-wip versions of software. As such, we limit the changes in that product to be bug fixes only, and do not release new features there. This is the best way we’ve come up with to keep the version your company chooses to work with rock solid and stable.

When are you planning the final Service Release of R8?

Hello - Rhino 8 is a ‘WIP’ currently - - it has not been released even as Service Release 0 yet, and there is no firm timetable for that.