State of Rhino on Apple Silicon really that poor?

that is a little unfair in your description i think and for sure not something which they would do purposely to lead everybody astray. also everybody from McNeel side is specifically advising against buying a new Mac if its for Rhino, there are multiple topics where this was stated. it is sure not ideal and as you have pointed out, advertising that Rhino is running on Apple Silicon is sure a bit misleading… but those buying a new licence for Rhino also have the duty in their own respect to check if the computers fit the requirements, which again is not an easy task in this regards, but purposely? i dont think so.

I love Rhino and I love the Mac’s but can’t afford to buy PC just for a Rhino to use it. M1 Max is really powerful laptop and I wish that sometime (earlier would be better) I be able to work in Rhino with a comparable performance such as Blender, C4D, Maya etc. :slightly_smiling_face: Peace! :v:t4:

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Well they surely were as surprised by Apple’s move away from Intel as anybody else, but they made a conscious choice to implement Metal in Rhino 8 - which will be a paid update -, I believe even before Apple made their plans public, probably because the raytraced view never really worked all that great on macOS, but was nonetheless advertised as a novel feature in Rhino 7.

I believe that you shouldn’t advertise on your website that your software works on ARM macs, then on your forums discourage people from buying these computers (if that’s true).

Btw, raytraced view is not working in a current Rh8 build. :man_shrugging:t2:

not that much i hope, i did an intensive job and everybody else attending the topic alerting everybody to the imminent change a little more than 3 years ago, in this topic which you have showed up yourself at some point :slight_smile: and later in this

oh and here some late news to how ARM is going to affect actually everybody sooner or later, having arm processors running in intel pc, will definitely shake earth additionally.

that is exactly the point where i said that its not optimal, but what shall they say, no its not working? when it actually works? that the performance is not native should be clear. but, working is working…

if you run Rhino 7 on intel you are not forced to buy a new mac at all, they are working to get the switch for Rhino 8, nothing wrong in my book there.

Please note, Rhino 8 is not being compiled as a native ARM based application yet. The performance improvements are due to differences in Apple’s OpenGL drivers with their Metal drivers for display. This means that Intel based Macs will also see performance improvements with metal enabled in Rhino.

Is it already decided whether Rhino 8 will be available as native ARM build or will it still be a Rosetta thing on those ARM Macs?


We hope to have a native ARM compile for Rhino 8, but haven’t done so yet. Rosetta does a pretty amazing job of transpiling the Intel instructions to ARM instructions. I suspect we’ll see a performance boost with a native ARM compile, but not a very big one.

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Seems to be working just fine

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:thinking: Something goes wrong on my side

Hi -

Can you provide more information about what, exactly, is not working? Is this file-specific?

@Alexandr_Lukomsky Run the command TestMetal to toggle this display setting off. Raytraced mode will then look correct. Metal support in the Rhino 8 WIP is a work in progress.