Startup scheme / fast loading / too many components

Is there a way to save various configs of plug-ins to load when starting up GH? so you can run it faster, or as a clean install? Also, maybe if there’s unrecognized components it can ask you if you want to load the plug-in. Or if you don’t have the plugin it can just display a generic “plugin missing” component but not break the whole definition? Also maybe, a way to disable some plug-ins that have way too many components from showing up in the search-as-you-type, since they displace a lot of the more typically used ones.

There’s no way at present to do this. You can load protect plugins which means you will be asked every. single. time. on startup whether you want to load a specific plugin, but I imagine that cure is worse than the disease.

hmmm… what about some kind of loader extension that runs on system startup? So you don’t have to load gh every time you open an instance of rhino.

That would require all sorts of nastiness with crossing appdomain boundaries. The solution is delayed or lazy loading of plugins, but even that will be tricky as plugins will be able to provide more and more types of functionality in the future.